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Hello everyone!

First of all, thank you for visiting my very first blog.
As I am still a noob when it comes to web design and organization please don’t take it too hard on me, I am still learning 🙂
The only promise I can make is that it will get better with the time.

My name is Milica, a very common name in Balkan countries. It should not be surprising since I come from Montenegro, which is a very small but beautiful country in south-east Europe. I will try to persuade you to visit it in one of my blog posts and beware, I can be very convincing since I feel homsick every now and then. Every now, better said.

Nevertheless, my studies and internship led me to Germany where I happened to find my love and my dream job too. So, since 2015 I live near Stuttgart where I work full-time as an electrical engineer. But that is just one part of me.

Having quite some hobbies, I am still struggling sometimes to keep up with all of them.
Here is the shortlist:

  • Photography – my great passion. I love both analog and digital photography and I don’t have much preferences regrading the motifs. Nature, street, portraits etc. Everything as long as it keeps my attention. I am still improving the technique and in process of finding my own style because I started with digital photography quite late – only 4 years ago when I earned money for a decent DSLR photo camera. Not a professional one, of course. All photos from the blog posts are mine.
  • Travel – this is an expensive one but considering that one gets richer with every trip, I can’t really agree that is that expensive. Travelling was always in focus of everything I did: apply here to get a trip, apply for the scholarship/internship in a foreign country, get a job so you can travel etc. I guess I was always attracted by different cultures, places unlike the ones that surrounded me and strange landscapes and buildings from encyclopedia books I used to read as a child. Now even more by actual travelling.
  • Books – second best thing to travelling because books can take you to places and people. And not just places – worlds too! I am proud to say that I am a bookworm. There is not a single trip I did without a book or if I started one without, I bought a book or two on the way. If you have any suggestion – write me an e-mail or a message. There are never enough of new ideas and recommendations.
  • Music – both listening to and playing some. As a former student of a musical school in Podgorica, Montenegro I learned the basics of music theory, history and piano playing. Unfortunately, my current apartment is too small to place a piano in but we are working towards getting a bigger one and getting me an electrical piano. It will certainly last some years but I can be patient. I have no specific genre but I adore live gigs whether at some basement clubs or live concerts.
  • Yoga – an activity that brings peace to my body and soul in hectic periods of working life. One year ago I started doing Iyengar yoga (hatha yoga) and it keeps me flexible and better concentrated. I must admit that I am not the best yogi because I don’t practice enough at home but it’s on the list 🙂
  • Running – it started as a stress-coping activity and it became one of my favourite sport activities now. I am not too ambitious when it comes to running speed but I am when it comes to distance. At first it was barely three kilometers in a row and last year I managed two half-marathons. Plan for 2019 is a marathon, full 42.2km and I am slowly training for it. Good thing about running is that you suffer a lot until you reach your goal (desired time, distance, pace etc.) but reaching the goal after that is so overwhelming that it keeps your mood boosted for quite some time and keeps you motivated for other things too. If you managed a half-marathon, why wouldn’t you manage that task too, right?

I can go on here quite a lot but I don’t think it would interest anyone. You already have an idea that I am a person that is always focused on several things, trying to improve constantly and learn new skills. That is why it may last until my website gets a better design and more organized posts but as long as you find the content useful and it helps you by your next trip, my mission is accomplished.

Feedbacks on blog posts are very important to me so don’t be shy to comment or write me an e-mail because it’s the only way to adjust it better and make it more useful for everyone.


Mont Saint Michel, 2018

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